Eileen Quigg is a self-taught ceramic and visual artist based in Toronto, Ontario. Born in Ottawa, her journey into ceramics began in 2017 after moving to Toronto and enrolling in courses at a local studio, where she discovered her passion for the medium.

Over the following years of practice, she began honing her style. The daughter of an architect, Eileen's pieces often reflect the mid-century home where she grew up, with clean lines and simple forms. Although she is a huge fan of bright colour in the visual arts, Eileen feels that clay comes with its own natural palette and often chooses to leave pieces unglazed.

Eileen earned a degree in food and nutrition at The University of Guelph. The culinary arts were her first creative medium and her love of food still serves as the biggest inspiration for her ceramics. As an enthusiastic cook, Eileen creates mostly functional pieces that infuse the everyday with a little extra beauty.

Teaching has also become a significant part of her artistic endeavours, with two years of experience leading wheel classes across Toronto, notably at 'Clay With Me Pottery Studio' and 'Pottery Dream Toronto'.

Eileen is the founder of 'EQPottery', running her own private pottery wheel classes in a Toronto loft studio.